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That One Time On UK Television...

Once upon a time, I received a very thoughtful comment on my #YouTube video, "Ashokan Farewell".

kind youtube comment on Jessica McAllister's violinist page

I enjoy replying to all of my comments because they make me SO happy! And, hey, if my response makes them happy, then by golly, I've returned the favor.

Less than a week after receiving the comment from Michael, he sent me a message on my Facebook business page.

"Thanks for the lovely reply which I had not expected at all," the message began. "Just letting you know that I present a one hour country show on Spotlight TV which broadcasts on Sky 376 channel throughout the #UK and #Ireland and #Europe. I have included your version of the Ashkokan Farewell on the show..."


I responded and thanked him for the opportunity. We talked back and forth about some of the people he's featured on previous installments (including Mike Scott, who is from Nashville and has played the Grand Ole Opry practically 500 times over the years).

Meanwhile, I'm over here thinking, "MY version of Ashokan Farewell? Is he suuuuuure?"

The show aired tonight and it was so fun to see my video included! It will air one final time on Saturday, December 14th at 3:00 PM MST on if you'd like to tune in and watch the entire program. If you like old-time country/folk music (there was some old John Denver on there) you'll love it!

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