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'Tis the Season

I don't know about you, but I really love the #Christmas season.

Well, okay. Let's back up. I don't love how the lines at stores are 90% longer (and slower), or how freezing cold it is outside all the time.

But I DO love how the season is centered around service. . . and it doesn't hurt that there's an abundance of amazing Christmas #music.

Speaking of service, I have an exciting opportunity coming up in a couple of weeks. I received a phone call from a previous client yesterday and she mentioned that she's hosting a Christmas Program at the #rescuemissionofsaltlake. She was wondering if I would be willing to donate some time to play for the homeless people who are part of the Rescue Mission in downtown Salt Lake City, #Utah. I've been looking for an excuse to play some new Christmas music, so I jumped on the chance! I'm really hoping that I remember to pack Murphy, unlike last time I performed downtown. . . (you can read about that experience HERE).

I have something else up my sleeve, but first, I have to give you a little back story.

Back in 2016, I recorded a Christmas CD and had the time. of. my. life. Seriously, what is it about Christmas music that is so pleasing?!? It has magical powers, I swear. One of my favorites is "O Come, O Come Emmanuel." There's an arrangement for a four-part TTBB #choir piece that gives me chills whenever I hear it. But I digress.

The arrangement I put on my CD was originally arranged by #thepianoguys, and I transposed it for #violin. I have the admit, I think my amazing #pianist Kayla wanted to beat me up when she saw the sheet music. It was out of control. She did awesome, though! I'm so blessed to have her in my life (and on my CD). You can listen to it here:

So what's the big surprise, you ask?

I am going to start work on a brand #new Christmas video this week! I'm going to be playing "What Child Is This?", which is another personal favorite from my CD. My exceedingly talented photographer friend, John Uibel of #bigirisproductions has agreed to help me out again. If you remember, he filmed my #ashokanfarewell video and I can't wait to work with him again. He also took my most recent #violinist pictures which I posted about HERE.

I hope to have it posted before Christmas, but I might have to sit on it until 2019. Keep your fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly and I can post it to YouTube this month!

Tell me, what's YOUR favorite Christmas song?

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